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Hello, and welcome to this page. My name is Troels Henriksen (if you care about my thoughts, and can read Danish, I have a weblog), and this is my page about programming. I immensely enjoy programming, and I find learning about new aspects of the art, science or craft, to be very satisfying. I suppose this stems from the ability to accurately reason about almost every aspect of the virtual world that we define with computers, and being able to receive immediate feedback from manipulating with this world.

I am particularly interested in functional programming, metaprogramming and systems design. My current favorite language, defined as the language I spend the most time thinking in and about, is Common Lisp, a modern interpretation of the Lisp language. It is extremely powerful, more flexible than anything else I have ever tried, and developing with it is highly interactive and dynamic. I am also morbidly fascinated by Brainfuck, mostly due to its simplicity.

I have a limited number of sub-pages containing information about my specific interests within the universe of programming. In arbitrary order:

Also, you might want to check out my vaguely categorized, HTTP-indexable and -browsable folder of various code-stuff, but note that some of it is quite old, buggy and other evils.

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